PCW102 Platinum Ceramic Shield"
When you see this symbol you can be assured that you will be getting a product that is VOC/OTC Compliant. VOC/OTC Compliant means that the products meet the local, state or federal regulations for the product category. In short, VOC/OTC Compliant products are less susceptible to explosions and other fire risks. Even if you are not deemed to mandatorily purchase VOC/OTC products, it is considered wise to do so in order to lower the overall risk of chemicals at your facility.
Our super concentrated products that are manufactured in our own energy efficient facility, have less water, which in turn consumes less energy in shipping. More concentrate gives you more product by volume, thus less packaging, less waste and lower shipping costs overall. When you see the "Green" symbol you know that you are getting the highest quality product with the lowest environmental impact.
Tunnel Washes • Rinse Agents & Protectants
  • VOC/OTC Compliant
  • Green Product
The first ceramic type of product developed exclusively for automatic car washes. This industry breakthrough product allows consumers to have whole vehicle ceramic protection from the ease of use of the drive through wash. The ceramic material forms a chemical bond to all exterior surfaces and creates a wear resistant coating. The treated surfaces will have increased gloss and shine along with great water beading. A touch of slickness is added to the painted surfaces to reduce the buildup of dirt, grime, bugs, and industrial fallout. Fine spray nozzles from the arch allows the product to penetrate the hardest to reach areas, including moldings, emblems, cracks and crevices.
Platinum Ceramic Shield"
Available Size(s):
15 Gallon
30 Gallon
5 Gallon
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